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Animals have been a beloved animal all throughout human history. And for good reason: horses are smart and capable aniamls, historically used in combat or as companions.

Perhaps the most famous horse of all time is the War Horse horse. The book and movie is unfamiliar, but it is about a horse and a boy during WWI. Horses in war was commonplace. In medieval times they were rode by knights and had chainmail put on them. It is too long ago to have any records, but for sure there are some great stories of these horses. In the Korean War, a horse known as Sergeant Reckless was used a pack animal to deliver supplies. She was fast and could carry a lot. Remembering the routes and not needing a rider. Sergeant Reckless also would eat anything given to her without complaints. In these ways, she sounds like a camel. Do not be fooled: she is a horse. A mongolian horse to be specific. She would go up mountains, get wounded, sheild soldiers, and these brave acts were not ignored. Sergeant Reckless ended up getting countless medals and awards. Sadly, the book about her is a lot less popular than War Horse. Horses are not used in wars anymore, although camels are.