Game Genie codes for smb

List sometimes gets added on to

Normal codes:

AATOZE: 9 Lives

SXIOPO: Basically infinite lives


YSAOPE + YEAOZA + PEAPYA: Starts you on World 2

YSAOPE + YEAOZA + ZEAPYA: Starts you on World 3

YSAOPE + YEAOZA + LEAPYA: Starts you on World 4

YSAOPE + YEAOZA + GEAPYA: Starts you on World 5

YSAOPE + YEAOZA + IEAPYA: Starts you on World 6

YSAOPE + YEAOZA + TEAPYA: Starts you on World 7

YSAOPE + YEAOZA + YEAPYA: Starts you on World 8

Fun codes:

PVLTXA: Changes enemies sprites around. goomba could be bullet for ex. nice

EXPOLS: Really messes things up but its fun. Random level tiles, etc. great code

SSASSA: Star all the time

POGAYA: Crazy graphics and random stuff happens

DSSAAS: Makes the sky the color of Mario's shirt

VGPGPA: Weird jumping, goes high n fast

KILLLT: Fire power shoots bursts of fireballs

AYZPSG: Weird level

POXPIE: Crazy code. makes sprites spaz out. will freeze

LUNLLT: Enemies come out of "?" blocks

STAEXZ: Makes objects weird

YAYOGE: One of those crazy codes

EVYTVY: Luigi jump

EVYIVY: All the enemies hop around. this makes it harderon sone stages. Cool

KEATZE: Stomping doesnt kill enemies. Easy to get 1ups now if you keep bouncing on one!

SKIINO: Pretty much the same as KEATZE above

VNAAAE: Another corruption

ZXLUUU: Coins fall from the sky

TOPLLT: Fire balls go straight through the ground

OPPAII: Messes up the levels, sometimes making them impossible to beat

OUTOPI: This one also changes around the levels, but only alil bit. possible to beat

GEGEIE: Random stuff happens. It's pretty funny

GENIEE: Kind of the same type of thing as GEGEIE

POOEIE: Gray colors

APZPOG: Another new world type code. nice

VGPNYA: Good code cos it screws everything up. Nice

ZZZLTT: Fire power all the time

TONPAK: Invisible solid things and enemies spazz

TOPLLT: Fireballs bounce through ground

SUEISA: Whenever you touch an enemy they give you a fire flower

YPAIIU: Always get fireworks at end of level. kind of annoying

IVVOAE: changes music

ASTETE: Nighttime

TIKOAO: Swimming in air

NAPSIN: With fire mario you can press b to kill everything at once

POGAKA: enemies are invisible

KALZSN: Prepare to have a siezure

ZKSAAE Slightly annoying scrolling and graphics

AEPLLG: Infinite jump code...

GELLOS: Blocks don't give anything

IUYLUY: when you fall in a hole you come out at the top. Portals. has side effects when you fire ball enemies

POOPIE: Graphics are all scrambled. good code

STOPOG: Graphics are scrambled and its underwater. 2 in 1!

LLLLUY: Wind blows agianst mario


PUYIVN: Enemies move towards you, look weird n bounce

YEAAAA: A classic. very fun but crazy

IKEEEA: Wac xodemesses stuff up. Almost exactly like YEAAAA. 0x8080 code

PIGPOG: Mixes up places of enemies/characters! classic code

KTIPOG: Changes the levels

AISSON: you can phase right through everything

XYAGEO: Enemy throws ton of hammers. lags the game alil

PIEPGO: Star music plays everywhere

ZYYUUV: Strange things happen. enemies throw hammers sometimes and random objects appear

EKEOTO: Invincibility code

LUKLUK: Mushrooms and star dont run away. Good for if youre really bad

IVYIVY: Speedy goombas

PSTIOO: 1up whenever you kill something

YXZLNY: Now Mario is fast

OOOPEK: Cloud world

PLGOKG: Random new worlds on reset

VAXPOG: Order of levels change

AETLTK: Jump high as you want.

APZPVG: Random enemies

PNVKEE: Enemies appear everywhere. cool

ITVOAE: Start out big

SIPPNG: Under water castles

LEAPYE: Under water castle... again

GELLOS: ? blocks don't give anything. Makes the game a little harder

KAEPYO: Hope you like the water music because that's all it plays

AAOPAK: No background

SZLIVO: Permenant fire power

VVAANY: Timer counts up. Dont take too long cos you have to wait fot tge points to count

STAGEO: HAMMERS EVERYWHERE!!! Even the piranhas throw em

SIAGEO: HAMMERS EVERYWHERE BUT WORSE! all enemies have the properties of hammer bros. (they jump all around)

XIAGEO: Another (easier) hammer code

AENKKA: Enemies are frozen

AAATIO: Everything frozen but you

XVXOKK: Code that mixes up enemies and makes things hectic

IOTLLT: Fire balls wrap around screen.

VTLNGA: Tall short walking aghat dga aights

APESSS: Just walk in mid air you know how it is

STVLLL: Mario can only jump

PIGOAP: Swim in air

ASTLUN: Just press A

ELVISS: Keep goin forward

POPISO: All enemies are immune to stomps

AAGPEG: Mixes up enemies. good for a challenge

XUYLNN: You got hops. Jumps until letting go of A

IIAAZT: To look like you have fire flower

PAZSKO: Touching enemies gives you a powerup and you still can shoot fireballs when you get hurt

NSSIEE: You can kick goombas like turtles

PTEPYP: Dungeon music code

YYTOZA:Try getting a game over with this code. or dont, it would take a while...